International Constitution and By-Laws

The Constitution and By-Laws is the governing document of the Union, providing a roadmap to a better quality of life for union members and their families.

The purpose of the union is to create and maintain a more harmonious and amicable relationship with one another and for the mutual benefit of all within the roofing and waterproofing trade; to increase, nourish and sustain the prestige and dignity of all affiliated local unions, at the same time guaranteeing local and individual autonomy; to broaden the scope of usefulness and extend the field of employment of each and every individual member; to protect and improve the economic conditions and quality of life of members and all working people, their families and their communities; to confederate as far as practicable our somewhat rather spasmodic individual efforts into one continuous collective undertaking for the up building and improvement of the Union and its members.

This Constitution and By-Laws as amended has deftly guided the actions of generations of unionized roofers and waterproofers since 1903.

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