Photography is a favorite pastime of many of our members. Even if it’s not a hobby, there is potential for great shots to be taken at jobsites across the country, as well as at union events and in the great outdoors. 

Members on the job, either hard at work or posing with a crew. Union brothers and sisters gathering at union functions. Rallying for workers’ rights. Hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, or any number of recreational activities. These all make compelling images. 

We encourage all active and retired members to submit photos to publish in our quarterly publication, The Journeyman Roofer & Waterproofer. Member submissions are accepted for many sections of the magazine, including local union news, community outreach, outdoor life and more.

We’ve now made it easier than ever to submit your photos using a simple online form. Just be sure your photo is high resolution and you are able to provide all relevant information, including your name, local union, and a full description—including names of individuals photographed—of the pictured event. To submit your photo, click here.

Roofers Photo Contest

From now until June 30, 2018, all photo submissions will be automatically entered into the Roofers Photo Contest as announced in The Journeyman Roofer & Waterproofer. Any activity that pertains to the Roofers Union is grist for the photo contest.

Please review the rules carefully and enter by clicking here. Winning entries will be featured in the 3rd Quarter 2018 issue of The Journeyman Roofer & Waterproofer.
Photos may also be sent (with required information) to:

United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers
Photo Contest
1660 L St NW, Ste. 800
Washington, DC  20036

Prizes will be awarded as follows:
(There will be as many or as few prizes as the judges deem worthy.)

Cover photo

First prize

Second prize

Third prize

Honorable mentions
Roofers sweatshirt

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