safety and Health 

Roofers & Waterproofers face many hazards, such as falls, burns, electrocutions, chemical exposures, RF exposures and hoisting accidents. Safety and health programs benefit everyone in the roofing industry--workers stay alive and well, employers' costs are kept down for insurance, lost time on the job is reduced, and customers are pleased that the job is completed professionally and on time.

Through the years, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, state safety agencies and employers have set safety rules. An established and well-running safety and health program is a crucial complement to those rules. Such a program helps enforce the rules and standards and ensure cooperation from workers and management as well as provide a labor-management forum for working out new rules and procedures as needed.

The Roofers & Waterproofers Research and Education Trust Fund has developed and/or made available Safety and Health training materials and resources for the following topics:

• Crane and Derrick Safety
• Electrical Safety
• Ergonomics
• Fall Protection
• Fire Protection and Prevention
• Hearing Protection
• Heat Illness Prevention
• Labels & Safety Data Sheets
• Ladders & Stairways
• Material Handling, Storage, Use, & Disposal
• Powered Equipment
• Power Line safety
• Respirators
• Safety Culture
• Safety Climate
• Struck By
• Caught-in-or-Between
• Tools: Hand & Power
• Unventilated & Confined Spaces
• Weather Hazards
• Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation Awareness
• Foundations for Safety Leadership
• Hazard Communication
• Competent Person Fall Protection
• Qualified Rigging
• Qualified Signaling
• Over 30 Hazard Alert Cards
• Over 40 Toolbox Talks
International Representatives, local union business managers/representatives, apprenticeship directors, apprenticeship coordinators and apprenticeship instructors can access and download these training materials and resources on the Roofers & Waterproofers Training Resource Center at or by contacting Executive Director Keith J. Vitkovich at (202) 463-7663.
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